The Teen Inspired To Commit Murder By Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”

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Aledo, Texas in October of 2012
17 year old Jake Evans had become obsessed with Rob Zombie’s remake of the movie HALLOWEEN. The young man was impressed with how a young killer in the movie felt no remorse when he murdered his family, and Jake believed that he could be like that. He became obsessed with thought of killing his own family which consisted of three sisters, his mother, and his grandparents.

Jake planned to stab his loved ones to death. He began to walk around the house with a knife while he waited for the perfect time to strike but since he didn’t necessarily want them to feel pain, the teen opted for a gun instead.

On October 3rd of 2012, while his father and one sister were away, Jake decided to finally carry out his murderous plan. He went across the street to his grandparent’s home to steal granddad’s firearm from an upstairs closet, then he went back home. The plan was to murder his mother and sister with his stolen .22 then to kill his grandparents and his sister Emily.

Jake first asked his sister to watch a movie, The Waterboy, with him; the siblings even played around for a bit, they had a pillow fight. The boy left the room for a bit, then came back to tell his sister that their mother needed her. When Mallory walked out the door, her brother shot her; the girl rolled down the stairs. Jake then found his mother, Jami, and he shot her multiple times as well.

In shock by what he had just done, Jake then ran upstairs to scream, and that’s when he heard his sister making noises. Mallory was still alive! The teen ran back downstairs to finish her off; both sister and mother were shot in the head once more.

Thankfully this killer was revolted by what he’d done, and decided against killing the rest of his innocent family. Jake phoned 911 to confess instead; he explained to the operator that his family was smothering him and that he guessed he was just evil. Video of that very informative call enclosed below.

While in custody Jake wrote a 4 page confession (enclosed below) as to what he’d done; he did claim to be remorseful. “I know now that I’m done with killing. It’s the most dreadful and terrifying thing I will ever experience and will haunt me forever.”. The homeschooled teen also wrote that he’d argued with Mallory the day before about a racist comment she’d made.

Jake pled guilty to the murders and was sentenced to 45 years, he must serve half of his sentence, 22 and 1/2 of those years before he will be eligible for parole.

Jake’s confession
The full 911 call, Jake confessed to the operator. Video courtesy of YouTube’s David Lohr

*I LOVE the holidays, they always put me in such a good mood! I’ve been waiting till it’s appropriate to begin the Halloween articles. This is a start! I hope that all is right in your world, wherever you may be reading this from 💛 Also, I caught some flack yesterday for using a word which one reader thought was incorrect. It wasn’t, but the reader thought so. Please, I’m asking you to be kind. People who write these crime articles usually have others to help them research and cross reference, to help edit, to proof read. I do not. I am one person doing it all. Plus I don’t even own a computer y’all, Everything is done with swype on my phone and autocorrect hates me. I’m asking you to please be kind. Thank you, Crystal Bearr

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