I’m okay!

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I’m alright, in case anyone is wondering! I am suspended from Facebook for posting about Woody Allen. The last time I was suspended I was still allowed to post on my Morbid page, but not this time. Maybe it’s a good thing though, I’ve had so much going on that I’ve had a difficult time coming up with content. So after this break, I’m hoping to be refreshed. I have a doctors appointment on the 4th to find out what that is in my left breast, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve cut back on my beloved caffeine, which has been so tough! I don’t do any sort of drugs, don’t smoke marijuana, and have recently stopped taking my dr prescribed pain medication after 9 years so I REALLY don’t want to give up my caffeine! But the lump has gone down a lot since cutting back. It sounds nuts to me also, but yes caffeine can cause cysts!

So I’m hopeful. I’m hoping everyone is doing well, and we will return to our scheduled programming as soon as Facebook allows 💚

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