Important Changes

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I am currently on a thirty day ban for posting a link from this website, just as I’ve been doing for more than a year now, to the Facebook page. This ban comes a mere 3 days after my last 30 day ban. I’ve decided that, from here on out, whenever there is a new article I will be posting a link of the actual website instead of the article with very little explanation as to what said article entails. This is the only way I can think of to keep my page. I’ve removed all of the sticky posts from the website so, aside from this simple explanation, the first thing readers will see when they click on the site will be the latest article. I have two weeks left of said ban, and will have an article ready for you upon my return. In the meanwhile I’ve been posting to my Patreon. I’m now available on Facebook under the sock account Crys Beann, or Instagram.

I do hope you’re all doing well ❤️

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