Buried Alive

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This story took place in La Entrada, Honduras back in 2015. 16 year old Neysi Perez suddenly collapsed after being startled by a loud gunshot after going outside to relieve herself in the middle of the night. When she began foaming at the mouth, Neysi’s parents feared that she was possessed. A priest was called; when the teen became unresponsive, she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Neysi, who had recently been married and was three months pregnant, was dressed in her beautiful wedding gown and promptly laid to rest. The day after her funeral, Neysi’s family went to visit her eternal resting spot. Can you imagine how her mother, Maria Gutierrez, and husband, Rudy Gonzales, felt when they heard screams of terror accompanied by banging coming from inside Neysi’s tomb? Rudy quickly grabbed a sledgehammer and began to pound on the concrete tomb in an effort to save his bride.

These are actual images of the frantic effort to save the teen.

It wasn’t just wishful thinking, the teen really had been buried alive! Her body was still warm to the touch, her body was not discolored, rigid, nor decomposed, and a cousin swore that she felt a faint pulse! And there was further proof that the teen had been buried alive: the glass viewing pane had been smashed to bits, and Neysi’s finger tips were terribly bruised from fighting to free herself. Neysi, still in her coffin, was rushed to the nearest hospital where doctors did their best to revive her; sadly she was pronounced dead on arrival – for real this time.

A man who’d worked at the cemetery later stated that he’d heard the pregnant teenager’s screams, but had convinced himself that he was imagining things. As for Neysi’s husband, he had this to say, “It had already been a day since we buried her. I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic, full of hope.”.

Doctors say that the young woman had suffered a severe panic attack which caused her heart to stop beating after hearing the gun shot. She was prematurely deemed deceased, laid to rest, and then died in the coffin before she could be saved by her family. Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of this is, with a cataplexy attack you are often completely aware of precisely what’s going on, yet you’re paralyzed, unable to move. It’s very possible this woman was aware of everything, it’s probable that she knew she was being buried alive yet was unable to save herself.

Neysi was ultimately placed back in the very same mausoleum she’d recently been rescued from, La Entrada General Cemetery.

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