Big Lurch: The Cannibal Rapper

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This article contains graphic content which many will find disturbing. Discretion is advised.

Antron Singleton was born on September 15th of 1973, and he grew up in Dallas, Texas. There isn’t a whole lot of information available about his childhood, other than he was already writing poetry at the tender age of seven. Because he grew to the impressive height of 6’7”, he took on the nickname of “Big Lurch”. By the age of seventeen he was determined to become a rapper, and at some point he moved to Los Angeles, California with the intention of making it big. He often rapped about some morbid subjects such as horror movie psychopaths, gory murder, and real life killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson; every bit of this would later be used against him in court.

On September 16th of 2000, at the age of 24, Antron was hit by a drunk driver. He suffered a broken neck, and as a result, was prescribed some heavy duty pain meds. Long after he was discharged from the hospital and the doctors stopped giving him pain medication, Antron was still in plenty of pain; he began to score street drugs in order to cope.

In 2002 Antron had been sharing an apartment with a couple of friends: 21 year old Tynisha Ysais and her boyfriend, Thomas Moore. On the evening of April 10th in 2002, the trio and some friends had been hanging out and getting high; the rapper had been smoking PCP, a decision which would prove deadly. He later said that the only thing he could remember about that night was that he’d truly believed that the world was coming to an end, and that he was supposed to find and kill the devil in order to stop this from happening.

It’s said that at some point, Antron kicked everyone except Tynisha out of the apartment. Once alone, he picked up a children’s scooters with which he bashed her in the the back of the head. Once his victim was on the floor, Antron stabbed her in the chest with a knife. He cut a hole large enough to fit his hands inside, and then forcefully ripped her rib cage apart. Antron then pulled out one of Tynisha’s lungs, and stabbed her in the shoulder. At some point she was bitten on various body parts, including her face, and a three inch blade had broken off inside her shoulder. If all of this wasn’t horrific enough, the killer had chewed on part of his victim’s intestines and had eaten a piece of her lung.

Eventually one of Tynisha’s friends, Alisa Allen, stopped by the apartment, and she found the victim’s mutated corpse. By this time Antron had thankfully fled the apartment, but he was soon discovered by police buck naked, covered in blood and screaming at the sky while holding a gnawed on human lung in his hand.

Tynisha was discovered in her own apartment by her friend Alisa Allen; the poor woman’s chest had been ripped open and the three-inch blade was discovered to have broken off inside Tynisha’s shoulder blade. She had tooth marks on her face and on her lungs, which had been torn from her chest; Big Lurch had eaten a part of her lung, and chewed on her intestines. At time time of his arrest, human flesh was discovered in his stomach.

Antron is serving a double life sentence at California State Prison where he spends most of his time in solitary confinement. He is adamant that he is innocent, he was set up, that his lawyer screwed him over, he was railroaded, etcetera. He has this to say for himself: “Make the jury hate the defendant, and the jury will convict. The teeth marks on Tynisha’s body didn’t match mines. My lawyer Milton Grimes didn’t say that in court. They convicted me over lunch break. There wasn’t no day deliberation, there wasn’t even an hour.”.

A statement given by Big Lurch.

It must be mentioned that, as cut and dry as all of this may seem, plenty of people absolutely believe the rapper to be innocent. The main theory running seems to be the Tynisha’s boyfriend fed Antron the PCP, murdered the victim, and then he force fed Big Lurch her body parts. It’s believed that, because Antron was absolutely out of his mind at the time of the murder, he would’ve been easy to frame. This may seem outrageous, but even the victim’s mama, Carolyn Stinson, believes it!

Statements by the victim’s mama.

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Lyrics to one of the songs which were used against Antron at trial.
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