Wrongly Accused And Sentenced To Life

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So this here is Pep the dog.

In 1924 Pep was arrested and sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing the governor of Pennsylvania’s wife’s cat. Governor Gifford Pinchot sent the pooch to Eastern State Penitentiary to serve out his sentence. Pep was given a DC number and even had his mug shot taken. The story made national news and before long “Pep The Cat-Murdering Dog” was known far and wide.

A few years later, Cornelia, the governor’s wife, decided to come clean and tell the truth. There had never been any dead cat, Pep was a good boy! The Pinchot household already had way too many pets, and they just couldn’t take another in. There were already so many unloved and unwanted dogs in their area that they just couldn’t stand the thought of taking him to the pound so the Governor decided that the pup should be sent to prison instead. Pep would give the inmates something to love and nurture, and the dog would be treated like a king.

Pep lived a fantastic life, he had free range of the prison and he loved to keep the inmates company; it’s safe to say that this was a good experience for everyone involved. Well, everyone but the prison warden as Pep was known to chew up his couch cushions!

When the beloved pooch passed away the inmates buried him on the prison grounds. Today it’s not at all uncommon to see a pet in prison, especially a dog, but back in 1924 it was unheard of – it’s believed that Pep was the first one. Maybe he started a trend.

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