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Just posted this on the Morbid N’ Macabre Facebook page, but I know there are people here that don’t follow along there. This is a couple of years old but I just ran across it again yesterday. I shall add the links below (in case you’re nosy like me) as well as some crime scene pics that I can’t post on FB.

The so-called Ken And Barbie Killers

So check this out. This is about killers Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo – yeah I know, you’ve read all about them before, but don’t skip this yet! On an old Instagram post, someone mentioned that Karla was on a baby forum giving out parenting advice! So this serial killing sex offender, who went by the name of Love.You.Forever, was being trolled by someone under the name of “KristenFrench”, which is the name of one of her teenaged victims. Interesting stuff! So I fell down that rabbit hole, of course; I’ll be sure to enclose the links so that you can jump down that rabbit hole with me, if you have some time to kill – no pun intended.

Above is that Instagram post, along with screen shots below.

A little history, just because there’s always that one person who doesn’t know what we’re talking about. We’ll focus on the couple’s first murder, which occurred on Christmas of 1990. Tammy was Karla’s baby sister; she was young, innocent, beautiful, and a virgin. Paul wanted her badly, and finally Karla agreed to give her baby sister to Paul as a Christmas present. Sick, right?

So Karla stole some drugs from the Veterinary Clinic she in which she worked, and they slipped some into 15 year old Tammy’s holiday cocktail of egg nog & rum. When Tammy lost consciousness, her big sis and trusted brother in law stripped the girl naked and Karla held a Halothane soaked rag to Tammy’s face. They both began to sexually assault the innocent girl, making sure to video tape the whole thing.

Tammy Lyn Homolka

Tammy began to vomit, and instead of making sure she was okay, Paul and Karla were busy hiding the evidence before they bothered to call for help. By the time EMS arrived at the scene Tammy was already gone, she’d asphyxiated and could not be revived. It should be mentioned that Tammy and Karla’s parents were upstairs through out it all, utterly clueless as to what was going on.

The postmortem photos of Tammy Lyn. I don’t understand why questions weren’t asked about that enormous mark on her face!

Despite the chemical burn on Tammy’s face, the death was somehow ruled accidental. As far as Paul goes, he remained obsessed.

“(While at the funeral) Paul would not leave her (Tammy’s) side. He kept calling her my angel. She’s going to be my angel. He would play with her (Tammy’s) hair. He just wouldn’t leave her alone. It was very dramatic” recounted a close neighbor and family friend. Paul even slipped a photo of himself and Karla into Tammy’s casket, which was recovered when Tammy’s remains were exhumed. It’s so creepy, even in death this monster just wouldn’t leave her alone. Afterwords, Karla would often relive the memory by dressing up in her murdered baby sister’s clothing and pretending to be Tammy, allowing Paul to have his way with her again and again.

This photo really gives me the creeps!

The couple’s other known victims included 15 year old Leslie Mahoffy; she had been sexually assaulted, murdered, and dismembered. Her remains were discovered encased in cement blocks. And 15 year old Kristen French was found naked in the woods. She had been raped, and strangled to death with an electrical cord.

Karla eventually went to police and turned Paul in after Paul beat her up. The bruised woman made herself out to be victim; she claimed that her role in the murders had been minimal, and sadly she totally duped investigators. The truth is that Karla was never some scared timid woman forced into committing atrocities by her terrible husband; she’d been Paul’s partner in crime, and she’d very much enjoyed what they’d done. Police later realized this after finding video tapes which the couple had made during their murders – but it was much too late to do anything about it.

Karla served only 12 years in a Canadian prison, and upon release she promptly married her lawyer’s brother, and together the couple produced a few kids. It’s safe to say that she’s wealthy, and as a free woman she has traveled all over the world under an assumed name. A few years back it was discovered that she was living in Canada again, and hanging out at her kids school. And now this serial killer gives out sanctimonious parenting advice online, she sells her cloth diapers and lectures others on being judgmental. Just goes to show that you just never really know who you’re speaking to online.

Those links:





Another detail that I can’t not mention: Karla’s parents. They completely believe their daughter’s lies, even with all of the video evidence which proves way beyond the shadow of a doubt that Karla was absolutely a predator, they still believe that she was another one of Paul’s victims. As a parent I feel sorry for them. I guess it would be easier to believe her story and put all of the blame on Paul. On the one hand they’d have lost two daughters, and this way they still have Karla and their grand children in their lives. Horrible position to be in. And unlike the huge majority of serials, the Homolkas were great parents who did right by their children. There was no known abuse nor any traumas in Karla’s upbringing. Such a horrific situation to be in.

I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas! ❤️

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