My Fave Morbid Historical Event

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Which historical killers and/or events fascinate me the most?

Gosh, I’m a total (Morbid) history buff so this is so difficult for me to choose just one!

I have an affinity for the TudorsKing Henry vii and his wives. Then there his daughters, Queen Mary (who is often referenced as Bloody Mary today) and then “The Virgin Queen” Elizabeth. Ask me anything about them and I’ll tell you – and not because I’ve watched dramatized series/movies which I do not find factual enough, but because I’ve studied the heck out of each of them. I’m also super interested in Belle Gunness, a serial killer in America who murdered at least 14 would-be suitors for their cash. I also can not get enough of America’s First Known Serial Killers, and NO I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT HH HOLMES, though I’m extremely interested in him as well! The first known American serials were brothers Big and Little Harpe. And last but not least, I must give an honorable mention to the family of murders known as “The Bloody Benders”.

Historical Bloody Benders Crime Scene Photos

Still, my all time favorite historical subject is, without a doubt, The Female Dracula, Erzsebet Bathory, whom I have absolutely written about in depth on this website. Search for said article, if you would like to hear my take on it.

So, please tell me. Who are your personal favorites? If I haven’t written of them already, I’d love to! Just let me know!

*I’ve written about each and every one of the cases mentioned in this article.

*On a personal note, I’m so sorry that I haven’t been active. I’ve been going through SO FREAKING MUCH; I’ve been an emotional train wreck, y’all! We’ve been told that all of the less invasive options my autistic son, Chaise, was looking at to save my son’s life for his brain AVM is not an option anymore; the AVM is larger than previously believed and he absolutely will need brain surgery, again. When he was only six he suffered a brain AVM rupture (aneurysm/stroke) and needed three emergency brain surgeries. It was absolute hell, I wouldn’t wish this on my very worst enemy! His insurance wants more than $4,000.00 to pay for the surgery and right now the copays are out of pocket. He has an important appointment a few hours away on Monday to meet with his neuro surgeon and there’s no way we’re going to be able to pay the bill to take him there. The longer he takes to get his surgery, the more likely it is to rupture again which could cause major issues, including brain damage. I’m telling you this not for sympathy, but to explain why I’ve been so inactive. I can barely think straight as this is our very worst nightmare! And then with Christmas coming up, I’m super stressed about this as well. I feel like a failure!

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