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    I definitely find Walsh’s response strange. If you read Toole’s multiple confessions, it’s so easy to see that it’s total BS. Like I said the only thing that makes sense to me is that they wanted so badly to bury the remains because they knew it wasn’t getting solved. But I also wonder why the Walsh’s who I am sure read those interview transcripts of Campbell’s, can so easily dismiss him as a suspect. Why would John be so quick to defend him when he’s been screwing his wife right under his nose for four years? Didn’t they ever think about how bizarre the timing was? And didn’t they worry about the clear motive that Campbell had? Yes I find it all strange about the head being found 100 miles away. And I don’t know Campbell’s movements in the following days. But I think that should have been looked at. On the day of the abduction, he had a window of several hours, but I am not sure it would be enough.. I am not saying 100% here’s your killer, but I wonder why he was dismissed so quickly.. There is actually one other suspect I briefly read about when looking up information on Campbell, I will have to go back and look at that. But I would be shocked off my ass if it actually was Toole. The evidence doesn’t point that way at all!