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    Here’s a blurb of news listing other suspects, I am sure I will get around to these other names eventually because I never will get away from this case.

    Outside family and friends, one of the first tips that detectives followed seriously involved Edward James, 50, of Pompano Beach. He’d been arrested in November 1981 for abducting a boy and had been questioned about Adam’s murder. John Terry, 55, a cellmate of James’ in the Broward County Jail, told police James talked of murdering Adam.

    Neighbors told detectives that James was gone from his apartment for two weeks around the time of the murder, and detectives learned that James had a new seat cover installed in the front seat of his 1973 Plymouth Fury on Aug. 27, 1981.

    James denied any involvement in the murder. In a November 1995 interview, a computer voice stress test turned up nothing.

    Over the years many other serial kilers with ties to Florida were mentioned as possible suspects, including serial killers Henry Lee Lucas and Donald Leroy Evans, even Jeffrey Dahmer.