Celebrities Holding John Wayne Gacy’s Brain

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Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy murdered at least 33 young men in the 70’s; he was sentenced to death for his crimes and executed via lethal injection in 1994. It’s believed that the killer was cremated and his sister is said to be in possession his remains today – well, the bulk of him anyways. Gacy’s brain was extracted at autopsy and a psychiatrist by the name of Helen Morrison talked Gacy’s mother into allowing her to keep it; it’s said that Dr. Helen just drove away with the notorious serial killer’s brain.

Now, you’d think that this brain would have been taken to some lab or a museum or something, right? Gacy’s brain, all sliced up, is kept in a Ziploc baggie in that Chicago psychiatrist’s basement! And that’s not all, she claims to possess slices of his other organs also.

Brains in a jar

Dr Helen had known Gacy quite well, she testified that he was insane at trial and spent a good deal of time with him while he was on death row. The doctor says that Gacy wanted her to study his brain, though he probably didn’t realize that would mean keeping it sliced up in her basement.

Dr. Helen has stated that she’s had the brain analyzed and that it is unremarkable; there were absolutely no injuries, no tumors, nothing out of the ordinary. That said, it must be mentioned that she has refused to name those who have studied the brain since it’s been in her possession.

A couple of years back Gacy’s brain made an appearance television after Khloe Kardashian met with Dr Helen to look at the specimen. Its said Dr Helen just pulled the brain out of her desk drawer for the celeb to handle! Khloe, who is apparently really into true crime, said it felt like hamburger meat.

It is a bit amusing, ironic that Gacy’s brain is being kept in a basement, isn’t it? Considering the killer often discarded of his victim’s corpses in his crawlspace.

Gacy’s crawlspace

Dr Helen has written a book which was released on the 10th anniversary of Gacy’s execution, “My Life Among the Serial Killers”. I have yet to read it, if you have then tell me what you think!

This photo is from TMZ

*Just before I hit the button to post this, I decided give the subject another search. Apparently in October of last year, 2019, the doctor met with Zak Bagans for another brain holding session. I’m kinda curious as to exactly what a person has to do for the opportunity to see this brain!

A TMZ photo of Zak holding the serial killers brain. Looks like it’s being stored in Tupperware these days!

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  1. Great post, as always! I’ve actually read Helen’s book, and while it has been a few years ago, I recall it being very interesting. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

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